It was a foggy night. The only light was the street lamps and the moon. I was walking down Spooky Avenue, when I looked into the ally and there it was, a monster slowly walking out. I was so scared that I was frozen! The monster walked up to me and I still was frozen.

The monster had a pattern of green and brown polka dots around his face. Its eyes were crossed and it was smiling for some odd reason. Its antennas had pink polka dots on them. (How odd). But the weirdest thing of all was that blue polka dots were floating around him. I was not all that scared any more because he looked pretty friendly. I just wanted to know why he had so many polka dots on him.

Then all of a sudden he just started to talk about himself. He said that his name is Fred and that he is from planet Polka Dots. He also said that he has green and brown polka dots around his face because his brother Bob super glued them to his face when he was sleeping.

Then I asked but why do you have blue polka dots floating around you. He said that he has those well, he has no idea. He said that just stay there. Then out of the blue he said he was going to visit his friend from planet Grass. But he accidentally landed here. I was glad when he said he was a good monster and not one of those devil monsters that torture you and then eat you alive. I was definitely not scared any more.

He said that he had to leave but that he would be back one day to save the world. I said goodbye and went home. Now that I think about it that was such a weird night.

7 Responses to “Descriptive Monster Essay”
  1. Cameron says:

    I thought it could of had a more scary and something to pull you in. Otherwise it was a descriptive story.

  2. Shelby Van Dreel says:

    This is a great story it is really funny. I hope I meet a monster like that and not a viscous mean one. Your monster is also very cute.

  3. Cameron says:

    I thought it was a good story. It could have had something more to pull you in to want to read it. I didnt see any

  4. scotty says:

    This story is really good very descriptive and the way its laid out its fabulous

  5. Mrs. Smith says:

    Megan, well done. I think you did a nice job getting your readers to want to read more. Your story flows very nicely and I can “hear” your voice throughout the story. I look forward to reading more. :)

  6. Emilya62 says:

    Your story is really good. Nice wording:)

  7. austin62 says:

    Its very well put out and it flows together and its very descritive.

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